Grid-scale, residential energy storage installments established new quarterly records

Dec 16, 2022 01:42 PM ET
  • The utility-scale energy storage space market set up 4,733 MWh in Q3 2022, going beyond the previous quarterly high of 4,590 MWh set in Q1 2021. This info is in the most up to date "united state Energy Storage Display" record from ACP and Wood Mackenzie. Grid-scale storage releases in Q3 primarily came from California and Texas, which accounted for 96% of overall mounted capacity.
Grid-scale, residential energy storage installments established new quarterly records
Image: CSI Energy Storage

" Demand in the grid-scale as well as residential storage space sections continues to increase, regardless of climbing costs as well as lingering supply chain obstacles," claimed Vanessa Witte, senior expert with Wood Mackenzie's power storage space group. "Set up capacity is expected to more than dual next year, driven by new grid-scale project announcements and raised residential as well as non-residential volumes in California due to the intro of a neighborhood solar program and NEM 3.0."

According to the report, the overall projection volume in between 2022 and 2026 throughout all sectors increased by 109% quarter-over-quarter, as well as the U.S. storage space market is expected to set up nearly 65 GW total amount, with grid-scale setups representing 84% of that capacity.

" Need for energy storage is at an all-time high, driven by continual higher power costs, state decarbonization mandates, and also Inflation Reduction Act rewards," said Jason Burwen, VP of Power Storage Space at the American Clean Power Organization (ACP). "California's reliance on energy storage space to meet record optimal need this September shows why it's absolutely crucial that policymakers and also grid drivers remove barriers to provide to ensure dependability. The fast boost in grid-scale storage space capacity requesting to attach to the grid shows that the speed of U.S. market development is increasingly based on the availability of transmission and timely grid accessibility."

Residential storage space had an additional record quarter, with 400 MWh mounted, surpassing the previous quarterly record of 375 MWh in Q2 2022. California, Puerto Rico, Texas as well as Hawaii were leaders in Q3 for residential instalments. Wood Mackenzie projects that this section will reach 2.2 GW in 2026.

Area, industrial as well as commercial storage implementations underwhelm for the second quarter straight, with only 56.6 MWh installed in Q3. Nonetheless, all sectors are expected to progressively expand over the long-term forecast, reinforced by the strong need from residential and grid-scale.

Wood Mackenzie's Witte added that elevated costs and supply chain difficulties mostly due to a supply deficit combined with hefty demand have actually pushed numerous projects past 2022 as well as into later years of the forecast. Nonetheless, the pipeline continues to be strong as well as energetic storage space requests in the interconnection queue between 2022 and also 2028 enhanced 120% quarter-over-quarter.

" Some programmers have actually thought about postponing projects right into 2023 to obtain tax obligation credits from the Rising cost of living Reduction Act, yet this just applies to an extremely niche sector of projects," Witte said. "In general, supply chain obstacles and interconnection queue backlogs will certainly push capacity to later on in the projection, with 2024 to 2026 seeing boosts of 9 to 13% per year because of this."

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