GreenYellow Buys 20 MW Rooftop Solar in France

Jan 2, 2024 03:48 PM ET
  • GreenYellow acquires 20MW of renewable projects from Demeter Investment Managers, creating 7.7GWh of electricity a year. Their mission: helping businesses & communities in their energy transition, with innovative & sustainable projects.

GreenYellow, a French-based renewables business, has acquired 20 MW of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) parks and several energy efficiency projects from Demeter Investment Managers. The purchase includes a majority stake in Eifficentre, a public-private partnership with Eiffage, that has a 15-year energy efficiency contract for 18 high schools in Centre-Val de Loire. The 13-MW Vanilla Solar portfolio, comprising six rooftop PV arrays, is also part of the deal, as well as the 7-MW Lavanda Solar bundle of 11 rooftop PV systems located in mainland France. These projects are expected to generate 7.7 GWh of electricity a year. With this acquisition, GreenYellow continues to invest in innovative and sustainable projects, supporting its mission of helping businesses and communities in their energy transition.

What Benefits Does GreenYellow Gain from Recent Acquisition?

  • Increased ability to meet the French government’s renewable energy goals
  • Expansion of GreenYellow's current portfolio of renewable energy projects
  • Access to a larger customer base in France
  • Increased solar energy production capabilities
  • Expansion of their energy efficiency services
  • Leverage of Eiffage’s 15-year energy efficiency contract to increase profitability
  • Consolidation of the renewables market in France
  • Access to new technological innovations to support their energy transition goals
  • Potential to expand their market presence to other EU countries
  • Increased energy production due to the 13-MW Vanilla and 7-MW Lavanda Solar portfolios

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