Green Mountain Power will make use of 200 Tesla Powerwalls as digital nuclear power plant

May 17, 2021 10:24 AM ET
  • Vermont utility Green Mountain Power (GMP) has actually announced a new online power plant program that will include a network of household battery systems.
Green Mountain Power will make use of 200 Tesla Powerwalls as digital nuclear power plant
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The new Frequency Regulation Pilot Program allows customers to share saved energy with regional grid operator ISO-New England (ISO-NE) to keep a steady, controlled flow of energy on the grid in any way times, a vital feature for regional system safety and security and reliability for customers.

Using its network of Tesla Powerwall batteries and Tesla Autobidder software, GMP will certainly have the ability to sustain the grid while supplying minimized power costs to clients.

" This project would certainly not be possible without the fantastic collaborations we have with our clients in the Powerwall program," said Mari McClure, president and also Chief Executive Officer of GMP. "This pilot is one-of-a-kind and also important since it constructs off our existing advancement as well as partnership to supply purposeful change to crucial grid features by minimizing carbon emissions, boosting efficiency as well as lowering costs."

GMP successfully entered the Regulation Market with this network of residential source of power after three months of testing with ISO-NE, and partnerships with ISO-NE, Tesla and also Customized Energy Solutions (CES), a software services business. Tesla works with the distributed batteries to respond to signals from ISO-NE and also aggregates essential data about the feedback. CES provides the essential combinations in between Tesla and ISO-NE.

" GMP is on the leading side of innovation, and CES is proud to be part of this innovative project, helping to make it possible for the aggregating of numerous domestic batteries into the Regulation Market," claimed Erik Paulson, vice president of wholesale service at CES. "This success marks a critical point of progression and also demonstrates how a brand-new energy future is happening right now in Vermont, leading the way for others to adhere to."

200 GMP consumers are enrolled in the program now, and also a requirement is that they currently have two Powerwall batteries via a GMP program. Jimmy Karlan of Guilford, Vermont, remains in GMP's Powerwall program and was excited about this possibility to share kept energy from his two Powerwalls in a new way.

" GMP is battling the good battle to minimize carbon discharges and achieve 100% clean energy. I was thrilled with the chance to help," Karlan said. "The batteries supply smooth back-up power at home when there are failures as a result of storms, along with backup power to the grid when in need. It really feels excellent to be part of this invisible network of Vermonters that share in their need to assist our state attain 100% clean energy."

GMP strategies to increase this pilot program in the future. Clients sharing energy with the program are paid $13.50 each month on their energy declarations. This includes a share for their program participation and also for the increased use their batteries, which can charge and discharge swiftly for amount of times every month. GMP takes actions to ensure that customers have backup power readily available if weather is forecasted to cause failures. All GMP clients also benefit from the Frequency Regulation Pilot program due to the fact that extra settlements from ISO-NE flow to customers to reduce prices.

In 2017, GMP was the very first energy to partner with Tesla, as well as released the first Powerwall pilot program. Now, via a series of groundbreaking programs, GMP is the first energy with tariffed home energy storage programs for clients. These programs supply participating clients with tidy, smooth backup power in domestic batteries in exchange for sharing some of that stored energy to reduce peak need on the grid. There have to do with 3,000 Powerwalls mounted in clients' residences, and also GMP's network of kept energy, including Powerwalls, vehicle battery chargers, and utility-scale batteries, helped reduce prices for consumers by more than $3 million in 2020 via peak decrease, which will certainly proceed.

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