Green Hydrogen: Lhyfe & TSE Power Industrial Park

Jul 4, 2023 02:39 PM ET
  • French renewable hydrogen production co. Lhyfe and solar project dev. TSE collaborate to create 78 hectare industrial park 100% renewable energy, circular economy. 45 GWh of electricity/year generated via solar energy with help of electrolysers supplied by Lhyfe. Companies already interested in operating the site.

French renewable hydrogen production company Lhyfe and solar project developer TSE have teamed up to create an industrial park based on 100 percent green energy and a circular economy. The project is located on two former production and landfill sites in the municipalities of Ingrandes-sur-Vienne and Oyré and covers 78 hectares. TSE will build a solar power plant on the site to generate 45 gigawatt hours of electricity per year with the help of electrolysers to be supplied by Lhyfe. Companies have already expressed interest in operating at the site, which will be powered by green energy and will serve to promote a circular economy.

What Benefits Does the Green Energy Park Offer?

  • The Green Energy Park offers renewable energy production and storage, using electrolysers supplied by Lhyfe.
  • Companies will be able to purchase and store renewable energy to run their operations through the park.
  • The park will promote the use of green energy solutions to both local businesses and the local community.
  • It will create jobs in the region by providing technical support and maintenance services for green energy installations.
  • The park offers an opportunity for the local community to learn more about renewable energy production and storage, with educational programs on green energy technology and its benefits.
  • The park will also promote the use of green energy technologies in the local community by encouraging the installation of solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable energy solutions.
  • The park will also provide a platform for research and development of green energy solutions, helping to develop new and innovative technologies in the green energy sector.

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