Greece Soars with 240 MW of Wind, Solar

Jan 4, 2024 03:38 PM ET
  • Greece starts 2021 with 240 MW of green energy initiatives - two solar parks and three wind projects, including a 96-MW PV complex in Thessaly, approved to bring clean energy to the country.

Greece has begun the new year with approvals for 240 MW of wind and solar projects. Terna Energy has received the go-ahead to build two solar parks with a combined capacity of 37.6 MW, while Energy Vorsana UAE has been given permission for a 81-MW wind project in the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Additionally, North Solar 1 has been authorised to install a 96-MW PV complex in Thessaly region. Two smaller-scale wind projects, a 21-MW scheme in Boeotia region and a 6-MW wind farm in Epirus region have also been approved.

What Impact Will the 240 MW Wind and Solar Projects in Greece Have?

  • Greece is making great strides in renewable energy, with the recent approvals of two solar parks and two wind projects.
  • The two solar parks will have a combined capacity of 37.6 MW, while the wind projects will have a combined capacity of 87 MW.
  • With the new projects, the total amount of renewable energy capacity in Greece is expected to increase significantly.
  • This increase in renewable energy capacity will help Greece to transition away from fossil fuels and reduce its carbon footprint.
  • The new projects will also provide much-needed jobs and economic opportunities for the local communities.
  • The projects will also help Greece to become more energy independent, as it will no longer have to rely on imported energy sources.


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