Great opportunities for solar cells as building materials

Nov 19, 2021 12:18 PM ET
  • Building integrated photovoltaics, BIPV, is an expanding renewable energy source. This innovation makes use of photovoltaic or pv products to change standard building materials on roofing systems and facades.
Great opportunities for solar cells as building materials
Image: Harald N. Røstvik

" Buildings play an important role in energy effectiveness as they are accountable for a considerable part of the energy needs in city areas," states Gholami.

In Europe, power usage in buildings accounts for 41 percent of overall energy usage in cities. By utilizing building integrated solar cells as a building material and also power generator, it is feasible to achieve zero-energy buildings, or perhaps plus-energy building projects.

The findings in Gholami's argumentation reveal that BIPV technology as a choice to other building and construction materials has currently come to be economically sensible in large parts of Europe. The total price of BIPV systems lowers yearly, and at the same time effectiveness boosts.

What are the prospects in Norway?

" It is an usual mistaken belief that we do not have sufficient sun below, yet the cool environment in Norway is really extremely appropriate and also has a large solar power capacity, says Gholami. By clothing entire buildings in BIPV, one can benefit from the winter and also low sunlight.

Study has actually shown that when using wall-integrated solar energy systems, also on the north side where the sun hardly ever radiates, reflection can happen from opposite buildings with south-facing facades. Throughout its life-span, the additional costs of this system can be reimbursed.

' Competitive products'

Gholami thinks that building applied photovoltaic panels are competitive materials, with endless design opportunities.

" The product can be made to make sure that the solar cell function is barely visible. In terms of cost, it takes on various other building materials, if you include environmental and also social prices in the computation."

A milestone in line with the green change

"The sun is our largest and also essential power resource and the type of energy with the biggest yearly growth on the planet. This dissertation is a landmark at the University of Stavanger, and also in line with the green shift," claims Harald N. Røstvik. He is a teacher at the Department of Security, Economics as well as Preparation, in the study team for city and regional planning.

Røstvik has actually been investigating solar energy for over 40 years, and also has actually been Gholami's major supervisor in his doctoral work. Daniela Müller-Eie was co-supervisor.

"This is the first argumentation taking care of solar power in buildings as well as cities, and with any luck not the last. We are facing a new market and also needs to seize the opportunities. I hope the research on solar power continues at UiS with even more doctoral pupils involved in this brilliant commercial field," Gholami ends.

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