Gravitricity inks agreement with Czech aggregator

Mar 21, 2023 11:50 AM ET
  • Scottish energy storage outfit will deal with Nano Energies to find routes to market for its technology
Gravitricity inks agreement with Czech aggregator
Image: Gravitricity

Scottish energy storage outfit Gravitricity has authorized a collaboration agreement with Czech electricity flexibility aggregator Nano Energies to establish commercial routes to market for gravity-based energy storage.

Last month Gravitricity unveiled plans to transform the former Darkov deep mine in the Czech Republic into a gravity energy store, which has potential to be a pathfinder for projects Europe-wide.

Gravitricity plans to store energy by lowering as well as raising a single massive weight suspended in the Darkov mine shaft.

" The Czech Republic is our home market, and we are experts in the field of flexibility aggregation," explains Stanislav Chvála, CEO of Nano Energies.

" Gravitricity's innovation is able to react to grid fluctuations extremely rapidly as well as flexibly in terms of megawatt volume.

" We could thus entail them in our virtual nuclear power plant, which assist balance the grid in the manner in which nowadays mainly coal and also gas-fired power plants have the ability to do.

" It is a long-life innovation, well suited to integration with existing grid infrastructure.

" It can cycle rapidly from charge to release without any loss of efficiency over years, and it provides extremely fast response times of less than a second.

" This makes it an extremely attractive bundle to grid operators looking for grid balancing as well as fast regularity response solutions."

Charlie Blair (imagined), Taking care of Supervisor of Gravitricity, claimed: "We anticipate this will become a commercial blueprint underpinning the financing and also rollout of future energy stores Europe-wide."

In February, Gravitricity signed a memorandum with DIAMO, the Czech state enterprise charged with minimizing the consequences of coal mining in the republic, where the two events committed to operate in tandem to look for funds to transform the decommissioned mine into a 4MW/2MWh energy store

Along with the DIAMO agreement, Gravitricity additionally signed a memorandum with the Institute of Geonics, whose Geomechanics as well as Mining Research department hold extensive knowledge and understanding of the mining infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

The Institute of Geonics, which has actually given solid support to Gravitricity recently, is anticipated to be carefully associated with the development of the Darkov mine project.

The Darkov mine is located in the coal-rich Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic, near the city of Karviná.

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