GoodWe Includes In its Energy Portfolio With Launch of HT Series 1500V PV String Inverter

Nov 12, 2020 04:48 PM ET
  • On Friday 6 November the Indian solar market experienced GoodWe's across the country launch of the much anticipated HT Series. The Suzhou-based international is widely recognized as a worldwide leader in Commercial & Industrial projects however has just recently been adding to its Utility portfolio with larger and much more powerful remedies. The occasion, held at the Pullman resort in New Delhi, was gone to by popular figures of the Indian solar industry and provided an understanding into what other projects GoodWe could establish its sight on.
GoodWe Includes In its Energy Portfolio With Launch of HT Series 1500V PV String Inverter

Throughout the panel discussion, Mr. YBK Reddy, DGM-- Solar (SECI) highlighted that need for power is forecasted to get to 300GW in India which the government has prepare for crossbreed tenders involving solar as well as other sources of renewable resource in its power matrix. It is anticipated that extra efficient component items and even more reliable system solutions will certainly be required to satisfy the need.

GoodWe seems to have anticipated a number of these needs as well as the success of its launch of the 1500V String Inverter was seen by several as the moment of truth. The new HT series is said to provide the most affordable levelized cost of power (LCOE) as well as the industry's most innovative safety attributes.

The dispute at the Pullman resort discussed different trending subjects including the enduring Central vs String inverter contrast and the difficulties and also possibilities presented by the "600+ wafer age".

String Inverters VS Central Inverters

Mr. Gaurav Wadhwa worried that string inverters are the better selection and also existing benefits related to BoS expenses. Contributing to the point, Mr. Sudhir Pathak mentioned how much less space is now being made use of with boosted block dimensions in the most up to date PV project designs. Pathak additionally added that this the sensible path for string inverters to comply with; to be a lot more compact and much more smart than ever for energy projects.

The Era of High-Power PV Modules

In regards to technical trends, the "Big" Era is currently right here with PV modules' power relocating from 500W to 600W+. At the HT item launch in New Delhi, Mr. Syed Naqvi concurred that enhancing wafer dimensions and variety of wafers in PV modules stands for a difficulty for inverter suppliers and also boosting the present ranking of PV module likewise needs inverter innovation to rise one gear. In this element GoodWe also appears to have expected this trend, as shown in its brand-new item offering. The 1500V 250kW is claimed to be extremely suitable with the latest high-power PV modules and also bi-facial modules, enabling DC input currents of 15A.

GoodWe obtained congratulatory wishes from sector leaders as well as GoodWe's vision for 2021 already offers large financial investment opportunities and also will likely play a vital function in the nation's additional set up capacity targets for the 2021-2025 period.