Gonvarri Solar Steel Seals 37 MW Tracker Deal in Colombia

Nov 3, 2023 04:22 PM ET
  • Gonvarri Solar Steel signs 37 MW solar tracker contract in Colombia. 12.6 MW capacity trackers for three projects plus 3.9 GW of trackers across Latin America since 2005. Discover the world of renewable energy with Gonvarri.
Gonvarri Solar Steel Seals 37 MW Tracker Deal in Colombia

Gonvarri Solar Steel has signed a contract to provide 37 MW of solar trackers for three projects in Colombia's Cordoba department. The TracSmart+ 1V trackers, both single-row and dual-row, will have a capacity of 12.6 MW each. Since 2005, the Madrid-based steel group has supplied more than 3.9 GW of trackers and fixed structures throughout Latin America.

What Is Gonvarri Solar Steel's New Contract in Colombia?

  • The contract is part of Gonvarri Solar Steel’s expansion in the Latin American market, where the company already has a presence in countries like Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.
  • The three solar projects in Colombia are scheduled to be completed in 2021.
  • The contract with Gonvarri Solar Steel is a major milestone in the further development of Colombia's solar energy sector, which has seen a dramatic increase in investment in recent years.
  • The 37 MW of solar trackers will join more than 1.4 GW of installed capacity in the Colombian renewables market.
  • The TracSmart+ 1V trackers are designed to be able to withstand the wind, snow and heavy rainy season that is common in the region.
  • The trackers will also feature integrated solar panels so that each project can maximize efficiency and increase production.

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