Goldbeck, PACE JV Sells 61-MWp Solar Park in Alberta

Mar 1, 2024 05:48 PM ET
  • Goldbeck Solar and PACE sell 61-MWp Joffre solar park to Concord Green Energy, powering 12,000 homes in Alberta. Continued expansion in Canadian market with more projects on the horizon.

German solar developer Goldbeck Solar, in a joint venture with Pathfinder Clean Energy (PACE), has sold the 61-MWp Joffre solar park in Alberta, Canada to Concord Green Energy. The solar power plant, operational since December 2023, is expected to generate over 88 GWh per year, enough to power more than 12,000 homes in Alberta. The sale marks Goldbeck Solar's continued expansion in the Canadian market, with plans for more projects in the pipeline.

Rob Denman, president of PACE Canada, highlighted the company's commitment to bringing clean energy to Alberta and expressed excitement for future projects in the region. The sale comes amidst policy changes in Alberta that aim to regulate the development of renewable energy projects, including restrictions on project permitting on certain lands. Goldbeck Solar Investment, with operations in 12 countries, has a project development portfolio of over 4 GWp and a completed assets portfolio of over 500 MWp.

What factors contributed to Goldbeck Solar's successful sale of Joffre solar park in Canada?

  • Strong partnership with Pathfinder Clean Energy (PACE) allowed for successful joint venture in developing the Joffre solar park
  • Operational success of the solar power plant since December 2023 demonstrated Goldbeck Solar's expertise in project development and management
  • Concord Green Energy's interest in acquiring the Joffre solar park reflects the growing demand for renewable energy assets in the Canadian market
  • Goldbeck Solar's commitment to expanding in the Canadian market and future project pipeline contributed to the successful sale
  • Policy changes in Alberta regulating renewable energy projects created a favorable environment for the sale of the Joffre solar park
  • Goldbeck Solar's established presence in 12 countries and extensive project development portfolio added credibility and value to the sale transaction.

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