Global Hydrogen Trade to Meet the 1.5 ° C Climate Goal: Green Hydrogen Cost and Potential

Jun 21, 2022 03:01 PM ET
  • Hydrogen is an important component of a net zero energy system and has an essential role to play in decarbonising fields that are difficult to electrify, such as hefty market and also long-haul transportation.

Vast green hydrogen potential exists worldwide, corresponding to greater than 20 times global main energy need in 2050. However, the potential within certain nations or regions depends upon the land available.

This report estimates the potential for green hydrogen production as a function of land availability, thinking about exemption zones such as protected areas, forests, wetlands, urban centres, slope as well as water scarcity. It creates part of a collection of three reports focusing on global hydrogen trade in a 1.5 ° C scenario in 2050.

The greater cost of green hydrogen contrasted to fossil fuels has postured a considerable challenge to the implementation of green hydrogen. Various time perspectives and scenarios are consequently discovered in this report. In one of the most hopeful scenario, production costs might reach degrees of USD 0.65/ kgH2 by 2050 in the very best areas, while getting to levels of USD 1.15/ kgH2 in much less positive cost assumptions.


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