Germany's Third Roof PV Tender Earns Price Of Rs 6.96/ kWh.

May 18, 2022 01:31 PM ET
  • First and second tenders had finished with 168 and 209 propositions quoting the average prices of EUR0.0688/ Rs 5.62 and also EUR0.0743/ Rs 6.06 a device respectively.

Germany's solar procurement exercise has concerned its end with the final prices hitting EUR0.07/ Rs 5.71 ($ 0.073)/ kWh to EUR0.0891/ kWh. Results of third tender for roof PV projects ranging in size from 300 kW to 750 kW are out. Assessing 171 bids with a total capacity of 212 MW, Germany's Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) picked 163 projects completing 204 MW. The final estimate by the bidders varied between EUR0.07 ($ 0.073)/ kWh as well as EUR0.0891/ kWh. The final average price has been determined as EUR0.0853/ Rs 6.96.

In the very first such solar tender drew out last July, the agency had obtained the propositions from 168 bidders with a combined capacity of 213 MW. 114 projects were selected, totaling 152 MW. The prices varied between EUR0.0535/ kWh as well as EUR0.0789/ kWh. The final average price was EUR0.0688/ Rs 5.62.

Similar exercise was followed in January highlighting 2nd PV tender. The agency had actually reviewed proposals from 209 bidders with a complete capacity of 233 MW. It chose 136 projects, totaling 154MW. The final prices varied between EUR0.0570/ kWh and EUR0.0828/ kWh. The final average price was EUR0.0743/ Rs 6.06.

The prices reflect the broader European market, particularly France and also UK which have seen similar prices. Transferring to Portugal and also Spain is where uncovered prices have actually been lower.

Germany, with a total PV capacity of 59 GW, added 5 GW in 2021. There is a likelihood it will certainly cede it's no. 4 position in the international solar capacity stakes to India this year, or early following year, as India checks out include near 13-14 GW this year.

The German tender comes at a time when the EU has advanced some targets for renewable resource enhancements, following the impact of the Russian invasion on Ukraine and also its function in power markets. Markets like Germany that were heavily depending on Russian oil and also Gas have been unable to impose detailed permissions on Russian exports, especially oil and gas, due to their stark reliance on it.

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