Germany sets solar generation record as shedding heatwave sweeps across Europe

Jul 19, 2022 11:15 AM ET
  • Germany produced a record quantity of power from solar PV on Sunday, with this expected to be duplicated over the coming days in the middle of a tough heatwave across western Europe, according to Bloomberg.
Germany sets solar generation record as shedding heatwave sweeps across Europe
Image: SunPower

The news website reported that Germany generated more than 38,174 MW of solar PV on Sunday, with one more record anticipated on Tuesday when generation can reach 38,190 MW.

This was up from around 32,000 MW on Saturday. No day's generation has actually gone beyond the 35,000 MW mark in German over the past year according to data from the European Energy Exchange (EEX), with the following closest factor a freak European heatwave in March.

According to data from EEX, today's (18 July) solar generation came to a head at 34,222 MW at 12pm in Germany, below its forecast of 34,352 MW.

A terrible heatwave is currently making its method across the west of Europe with wildfires reported across large parts of France and Spain, while the UK looks set to record its highest ever temperature level on Tuesday of greater than 40 degrees Celsius.

Temperature levels in Germany are anticipated to come to a head on Tuesday or Wednesday, with the warm air likewise creating wind power generation to drop. This has actually led to Germany's power prices rising to EUR396.07/ MWh (US$ 400.27/ MWh), which Bloomberg claimed was the highest given that Progress the European Power Exchange spot market.

Despite the fact that European power purchase agreement (PPA) rates have actually surged by an astonishing 47% year-on-year as the continent's energy crisis lingers, they still "continue to be attractive" due to wholesale power prices continuing to be stubbornly high.

With already greater than one-third of the European Union's installed solar capacity, Germany is readied to turbo charge PV release in the coming years as the lately chosen coalition government seeks to accelerate the decarbonisation of the country's electricity market while reducing energy imports.

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