Germany set up 380 MW of solar in April

Jun 3, 2020 02:22 PM ET
  • The roof segment maintained solid development yet energy scale PV saw a stagnation on previous months. In the first 4 months of 2020, newly deployed PV systems amounted to 1,479.5 MW of generation ability, compared to around 1.6 GW in the very same period of in 2015. The nation's collective PV capability struck 50.46 GW at the end of April.
Germany set up 380 MW of solar in April
Image: Energiekontor

The German PV market kept growing at an accelerated speed in April, regardless of the Covid-19 crisis.

Numbers from government network firm the Bundesnetzagentur indicate the month brought 379.9 MW of new solar ability, the minor rise on current monthly overalls nevertheless marking the greatest month-to-month return this year.

That took the new solar figure to 1,479.5 MW in the very first four months of the year, compared to around 1.6 GW in the exact same duration of in 2014, and Germany's total to around 50.46 GW at the end of April. Federal preacher of economics, Peter Altmaier, has claimed the 52 GW cap on solar which would immediately halt aid repayments will be gotten rid of before the milestone is gotten to.

Roof PV funded by a national feed-in tariff (FIT) program continued to be the driver of growth, with 318 MW of new ability in April, indicating little influence from the public wellness situation as needed for domestic and business rooftop solar so far.

By comparison, only 23 MW of utility scale solar was added in April.

The quantities of solar connected in were once more due to set off a 1.4% decrease in FIT settlement degrees this month, as happened in February.

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