Germany mounts 905 MW of fresh solar, wind in Nov 2022

Jan 3, 2023 12:39 PM ET
  • Germany connected 595.75 MW of new solar and also 228.52 MW of new onshore wind capacity to the grid in November as well as powered up 81 MW of wind turbines at sea, shows data from the Federal Network Agency.
Germany mounts 905 MW of fresh solar, wind in Nov 2022
Image: Belectric

Regarding two-thirds of the solar plants commissioned in November, or 382.83 MW, were installations connected to the grid outside of EEG tenders. Only 5.12 MW of these were ground-mounted systems.

The deployment of both onshore wind and solar capacity proceeded at a solid rate compared to October when virtually 606 MW of solar systems and 218 MW of wind ranches were put into operation throughout the nation.

In general, new solar additions got to 6.09 GW in the initial eleven months of 2022 while the recently installed onshore wind capacity completed 2.1 GW.

The biomass-fired nuclear power plant that were commissioned across Germany in November had actually an integrated capacity of 5.34 MW. In the initial eleven months of the year, the new biomass capacity in the country got to 34.58 MW.

in MW New solar capacity New onshore wind capacity
January 407.16 234.51
February 423.50 120.16
March 729.90 106.65
April 514.63 152.76
May 548.48 236.90
June 558.21 199.65
July 469.56 177.37
August 552.29 152.17
September 689.01 273.13
October 605.85 218.56
November 595.75 228.52
Total 6,094 2,100


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