Germany launches 190-MW rooftop solar tender

Apr 27, 2023 01:53 PM ET
  • Germany's Federal Network Agency has actually opened the second round of the rooftop solar tender, seeking to award 190.116 MW of capacity.
Germany launches 190-MW rooftop solar tender
Image: Max-Leonhard von Schaper

Proposals for solar setups on buildings and noise barriers can be submitted to the agency by June 1, 2023, the power regulator stated on Tuesday.

The competition is structured under the "pay-as-bid" scheme as well as is open to projects of as much as EUR 0.1125 (USD 0.124) per kWh.

In 2023, Germany aims to assign 650 MW of rooftop solar capacity in 3 phone calls. In the preliminary, the Federal Network Agency targeted a capacity of 217 MW as well as accepted 87 projects totalling 195 MW. Although the auction was undersubscribed, the interest in the competitors was more powerful than in 2022 after the price cap for this classification was elevated by 25% from last year's EUR 0.0891 per kWh.

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