Germany lastly offers energy storage space its own legal definition

Jun 29, 2022 05:03 PM ET
  • The German parliament has passed law amendments giving energy storage its very own lawful definition, in a move invited by industry sources.
Germany lastly offers energy storage space its own legal definition

Adjustments have actually been made to the law on the Federal Requirements Plan (BBPlG), Energy Industry Act (EnWG) and Grid Expansion Acceleration Act (NABEG) which currently define energy storage space as an asset where "the last use electrical energy is held off to a later point in time than when it was created," according to a straight translation.

The move adopts the definition from Directive (EU) 2019/944 of June 5, 2019 right into German legislation and rated by the country's Energy Storage space System Association (BVES) in addition to Jan Figgener, Head of Grid Integration and Storage System Analysis at ISEA RWTH Aachen University.

Both said it marks the beginning of a the growth of an extra storage-friendly regulatory structure. although the immediate impact on the industry is not evident.

Figgener told Energy-Storage. news: "Previously, an energy storage system was either specified as a generation or a consumer asset based upon whether it was releasing or billing. That is why policy was incredibly complicated for storage space, as it was originally defined for totally various other assets in a standard energy system."

" This led to unfavourable guideline, complex exceptions, as well as thus hurdles as well as investment insecurity. With the new definition, guidelines can be set up explicitly for energy storage space to prevent these problems."

Urban Windelen, Federal Managing Director BVES, stated in a news release: "With the new definition, the energy storage space industry is lastly getting a suitable lawful foundation. We can finally build on this and create a steady governing structure for the system integration of energy storage systems that is so vital."

Along with the new definition for energy storage, eligibility for a much more streamlined digital grid connection process which was at first just intended for solar PV resources has been broadened to other energy transition assets such as energy storage. This will certainly better get rid of bureaucratic challenges and streamline and also increase the rapid expansion of energy storage space, BVES stated.

However, the organization advised that a technological mistake had been made throughout the translation of the definition from the EU directive to German regulation. The EU directive mentions installation in an 'electricity system' while the German fostering discusses an 'electrical energy network', and BVES claimed this needed to be dealt with promptly to prevent legal unpredictabilities.


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