Germany, Egypt Join Hands for Renewable Hydrogen

Nov 7, 2022 11:56 AM ET
  • The collaboration will be concentrated on the implementation of projects for producing, handling, employing and transferring green hydrogen in addition to the promotion of a green hydrogen field.
  • Egypt as well as Germany will together be buying research study on green hydrogen also.

Germany as well as Egypt have joined hands to companion for renewable hydrogen via an MoU. The agreement will likewise pave the way for boosting sell LNG.

The partnership will certainly be focused on the implementation of projects for generating, processing, employing and delivering green hydrogen in addition to the promo of a green hydrogen market. Egypt and Germany will with each other be buying research study on green hydrogen also.

The signatories of the agreement were Energy Minister Robert Habeck and also Egypt's Tarek El Molla, Minister for Petroleum and Resources as well as Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi, Minister for Electricity and Renewables. The agreement came before the start of the UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt.

Egypt's Ambitious Green Hydrogen Plans

Egypt has actually set sights on increasing its renewable sources of energy and also is aiming to accomplish 43 percent of its power from these sources by year 2035.

In April 2022, a flagship green hydrogen project in the Suez Canal Economic Zone. In an additional significant action in the direction of the advancement of Green Hydrogen, Siemens Energy as well as the state's utility Egyptian Electricity Holding Company became part of an agreement to create a green sector while also discovering possible for export. This collaboration would also require the advancement of a pilot electrolyzer center with 100 to 200 MW capacity.

Germany's Push for Green Hydrogen Economy

In 2020, Germany welcomed the National Hydrogen Policy. Under this policy, a bundle of $8.1 billion is given to allow the nation to come to be a leader in Green Hydrogen using innovation and worldwide collaborations. A few of Germany's 16 state federal governments have actually generated concrete hydrogen as well. These include Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, five north German coastal states together, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Germany has been placing a premium on the advancement of green hydrogen since 1980s and currently, it takes pride in a share of 20 per cent building electrolyzers in the worldwide market.

India's Ties with Germany, Egypt

India is not far behind when it concerns stepping up efforts in the direction of Green Hydrogen. A couple of months ago, the country signed an agreement with Germany for teamwork on Green Hydrogen, under which the two countries will certainly create an Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force.

In October, India revealed an interest in investing in the direction of the manufacturing of Green Hydrogen in Suez Canal Economic Zone. An MoU was authorized between both nations to establish a factory in the direction of this end in the said location.

Much more recently, India further ramped up its efforts targeted at the velocity of Green Hydrogen as the Indian Government identified ten states that have the possibility for the manufacturing of Green Hydrogen. On the export front, it will certainly be exporting Green Hydrogen to Singapore starting 2025.

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