Germany awards 1.6 GW in newest renewables tender

Mar 1, 2023 04:38 PM ET
  • Federal Network Agency approved 1,441 MW of onshore wind as well as 195MW of solar capacity
Germany awards 1.6 GW in newest renewables tender
Image: Unsplash/Jimenez Calaf

The German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has actually awarded contracts to 1,441 MW of onshore wind and also 195MW of solar capacity in its most current tender round.

A total of 119 bids for onshore wind projects were awarded from 126 that were sent, while 87 bids for solar advancements were also okayed from 94 that were put forward.

The highest number of awards for onshore wind lay in North Rhine-Westphalia, where 40 projects completing 387MW achieved success, and in Lower Saxony, where 16 awards for 354MW capacity were approved.

These included three existing RWE-owned projects in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, which have their capacities almost doubled with the installation larger turbines.

A total amount of 17 wind turbines at 2 projects in Lesse as well as Barbecke with a combined total output of 30.6 MW will certainly be replaced by 11 turbines with a total capacity of 61.8 MW.

On the other hand, the capacity of it's Elisenhof wind farm in the Paderborn district will be raised from 6.75 MW to 11.4 MW.

The bid values of the approved onshore winds bids varied between 7.24 ct/kWh as well as 7.35 ct/kWh, with 7.34 ct/kWh being the volume-weighted average.

In other places, the additional charge values for solar projects were between 9.00 ct/kWh as well as 11.25 ct/kWh.

The volume-weighted average value for solar was 10.87 ct/kWh.

Solar projects in 13 federal states were awarded contracts, consisting of 16 bids that were granted in North Rhine-Westphalia followed by 11 in Brandenburg, 9 in Baden-Württemberg and also 8 in both Bavaria and also Lower Saxony.

BNetzA said that it elevated this year's overall tender volume for onshore wind turbines from 5,332 MW in 2022 to 12,840 MW in 2023 with, 3,210 MW of capacity enabled to be granted for each and every onshore wind tender round this year.

BNetzA president Klaus Müller said: "Raising the optimums was necessary. Nevertheless, we need to remain to work with broadening the ideal and also concern locations and accelerating the approvals in order to accomplish the urgently required expansion."

RWE chief executive officer of onshore wind and also solar in Europe & Australia Katja Wünschel claimed: "For the power change to be successful, Germany requires brand-new wind and also solar farms up and running rapidly and also must additionally focus on modernising older sites.

" Usually, modern turbines produce a couple of times more power with fewer turbines. This shows the possibility of repowering.

" RWE is as a result naturally involved: both in new building and also in the modernisation of older wind turbines."

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