Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation: The Hydrogen Factor

Feb 17, 2022 12:13 PM ET

As countries around the globe rally behind web zero targets, hydrogen is progressively viewed as a missing out on item of the energy transformation puzzle to decarbonise harder-to-abate markets. The possible pathway on which hydrogen might evolve still entails many uncertainties. With the expanding energy to develop a worldwide hydrogen market comes the need for a much deeper understanding of its wider impacts, including geopolitical facets. IRENA has actually executed an in-depth evaluation of the geopolitics of hydrogen as part of the job of the Collaborative Framework on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation (CF-GET). The report builds on IRENA's considerable body of work in hydrogen and benefits from a wide variety of expert input in the fields of energy as well as geopolitics.

This report thinks about whether and also how hydrogen might disrupt future energy systems, reflecting on much of the essential motifs reviewed in the Global Commission's report, A New World-- The Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation. The evaluation offers understandings into exactly how nations as well as stakeholders can navigate the uncertainties as well as shape the development of hydrogen markets, as well as outlines plan considerations to assist mitigate the geopolitical risks and also capitalise on opportunities. A few of the vital searchings for of the report consist of:

  • Hydrogen is part of a much bigger energy shift photo, as well as its growth as well as release strategies should not be thought about alone.
  • Establishing the right top priorities for hydrogen usage will be vital for its fast scale-up and long-term payment to decarbonisation efforts.
  • The 2020s can come to be the period of a huge race for technology leadership, as expenses are most likely to fall dramatically with learning and scaling-up of required framework. Tools production provides a possibility to capture worth in the coming years and also years.
  • Hydrogen trade as well as financial investment flows will certainly generate new patterns of connection and also bring shifts in reciprocal connections.
  • Countries with a wealth of low-priced renewable power can become producers of green hydrogen, with commensurate geoeconomic and also geopolitical repercussions.
  • Hydrogen could be an eye-catching avenue for nonrenewable fuel source merchants to aid diversify their economic climates and establish brand-new export industries.
  • Sustaining the improvement of renewable energy and green hydrogen in creating countries is important for decarbonising the energy system and can add to international equity as well as security.
  • International co-operation will certainly be necessary to design a transparent hydrogen market with systematic standards as well as norms that add to climate change efforts meaningfully.


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