GE Renewable Energy opens up renewables, energy storage, assimilation tech manufacturing facility in Chennai, India

Feb 8, 2022 03:23 PM ET
  • Reacting to increasing demand for dispatchable renewable energy resources, GE Renewable Energy has actually opened up a factory for 'Renewable Hybrid' modern technology remedies as well as devices in Chennai, India.
GE Renewable Energy opens up renewables, energy storage, assimilation tech manufacturing facility in Chennai, India
Image: Andy Colthorpe / Solar Media

It will certainly manufacture the business's containerised inverter remedy, FLEXINVERTER, which is asserted to be a plug and also play unit suitable for solar and also energy storage applications at utility-scale, and also FLEXRESERVOIR, an integrated battery energy storage as well as power electronics remedy which can be flexibly configured to deliver numerous market applications.

Both products will likewise be incorporated right into GE Renewable Energy's new digital platform, FLEXIQ, which enables clients to design projects, operate them as well as handle them at fleet level. The company declared FLEXIQ makes it possible for grid conformity in addition to increasing client lifetime value.

Apparently the manufacturing facility employs 250 employees, which was the only sign given by GE Renewable Energy of its size and manufacturing capacity. Energy-Storage. information has requested more details on those metrics, along with on any strategies to ramp up manufacturing in feedback to client need, however had yet to obtain a reply at the time of publication.

"As the industry and consumers' demand dispatchable renewable energy to browse the energy transition, the demand for hybrid systems is raising greatly," Prakash Chandra, CEO for Renewable Hybrids at GE Renewable Energy stated as the factory's opening was revealed the other day.

FLEXRESERVOIR is scalable from a rated power of 3MW to 500+MW with the addition of even more inverters, with periods of less than a hr to more than four hrs with the enhancement of more battery storage units.

FLEXINVERTER is offered as a solar PV inverter, or for usage with battery energy storage systems (BESS), with DC and also AC coupling configuration alternatives and progressed grid attributes as well as reactive power control.

The FLEXIQ plant control platform offers integration for standalone solar PV, PV-plus-BESS and PV-plus-wind-plus-BESS setups, suiting AC and also DC combining in addition to standalone arrangements. It can handle voltage, power variable and reactive power capabilities, and also integrates PV signals right into the SCADA at overall plant level.

GE Renewable Energy said the brand-new factory will certainly have the ability to complete fruit and vegetables and also integrate systems on site. It is in a central location with national highway connections, along with availability to air and sea transport routes, the business claimed.

In a recent report right into India's lithium-ion battery manufacturing space, released by research team JMK Research as well as Analytics with the global Institute for Energy Economics and also Financial Analysis (IEEFA), it was pointed out that renewable energy sector-driven need for battery storage is expected to grow dramatically in the nation.

While 90% of battery demand will certainly be driven by the automotive market, grid-scale energy storage will be required, not least of all to help incorporate the 450GW of renewable energy resources the government intends to have online in India by 2030.

The country already has actually rather well established domestically-located battery pack making centers, however is yet to move on big capacity enhancements of battery cell manufacturing, the report claimed. The Union government is seeking to sustain advanced chemistry cell production with rewards for as much as 50GWh of production centers from foreign or Indian business developing factories in the country.

According to JMK and also IEEFA, a big market for grid-scale battery storage in India is "still a few years away," largely as a result of the reasonably high price. Since last March the nation just had concerning 30MW of solar that was paired with just under 20MWh of battery storage at grid-scale yet the continuous enhancement of renewable energy capacity will certainly drive demand for projects supported by BESS to tighten that power outcome.

"With the demand for an ensured renewable energy-integrated power supply bound to grow dramatically in the future, lithium-based BESS will certainly end up being important in this (grid-scale renewable energy combination) market section," the report claimed.

In the nation's latest Union Budget, revealed last week, energy storage systems ended up being eligible for category as facilities, opening up paths for car loans and investment funding in a move warmly invited by the industry. This complied with the Ministry of Power issuing an explanation of the condition of energy storage systems in India's power market, describing the technologies as "important" to accomplishing renewable energy aims.

International energy storage tech supplier Fluence has stated it will certainly introduce a joint venture to take on the Indian market with one of its biggest gamers in renewable energy, Restore Power, later on this year.

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