GBP 4bn Green Energy Hub Unveiled in Swansea

Nov 27, 2023 02:38 PM ET
  • Swansea Council unveils £4bn green energy hub with hydrogen manufacturing, electric vehicle charging, solar & tidal lagoon projects. DST Innovations and Batri Ltd., along with HDR and Enable, lead the urban renewal project which could shape future green energy developments.
GBP 4bn Green Energy Hub Unveiled in Swansea

Swansea Council has unveiled land deals that could bring a £4bn green energy hub to the Swansea area. This hub will potentially include a hydrogen manufacturing station, electric vehicle charging points, a battery manufacturing facility, the expansion of an approved solar farm, tidal lagoons, a battery farm, a floating solar panel facility, an oceanic research centre, eco-homes and a hyper-scale data centre. DST Innovations are leading the project in collaboration with Batri Ltd, HDR and Enable. Richard Morgan of HDR says the project is a blueprint for how urban renewal through green energy should be developed in the future. The Council is also pushing for government funding to explore a low-carbon district heating network.

What could £4bn green energy hub bring to Swansea?

  • Potential of creating thousands of jobs in the Swansea area - from construction and engineering to IT and other technology-related roles
  • The development of renewable energy sources in the region, creating a strong commitment to sustainability and reducing the area’s carbon footprint
  • Significantly boosting local and regional economic growth
  • An increase in tourism due to the area’s reputation as a green energy hotspot
  • Increased energy efficiency for local homes and businesses, helping to lower energy costs
  • Investment in local infrastructure, providing more opportunities to develop the area
  • A decrease in air pollution, creating a cleaner and healthier environment


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