Gambia looks for consultants for 150 MW solar-plus-storage project

Sep 10, 2020 05:08 PM ET
  • The global West African Power Pool is seeking professionals for an environmental impact research in addition to transaction advisors for a project under development considering that October.
Gambia looks for consultants for 150 MW solar-plus-storage project
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The West African Power Pool of the Economic Community of West African States has released 2 tenders for consultants for the growth of a 150 MW solar power plant which could be connected to power storage.

The local power grid, through a tender which shuts its expressions-of-interest phase on September 21, is seeking experts to create an Environmental as well as Social Impact Assessment for the solar park. A different procurement workout, which closes its initial stage on October 5, intends to protect a deal consultant to make a public auction to allot several independent power producers to fund, construct and run the PV plant.

The project has actually been under advancement by the government of Gambia considering that October, when work started on an expediency study for the center. The project is anticipated to market power to utility the National Water & Electricity Company Ltd and is most likely to be improved a 225ha website near a 225/30 kV substation in Soma, which becomes part of the Gambia River Basin Development Organization energy project.

The solar plant, which may be coupled with 20 MWh of power storage capability for grid stabilization objectives, is anticipated to be built in two phases. An initial, 80 MW unit is set up for conclusion next year as well as a 2nd, 70 MW area is prepared to come online in 2025.

The site's power storage space capacity may be increased, relying on grid requirements. The government said in 2015: "According to preliminary price quotes, the 150 MWp GambiaSolar Park will certainly be incorporated with in between 100 and 150 MWh of battery [capability]".

Gambia had only 2 MW of solar generation capability at the end of 2019, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. Its 2 million individuals can call upon only 102 MW of total power generation capacity. The Gambian power network consists mostly of mini-grids which the government hopes to boost by transforming right into hybrid facilities which include renewables generation.

With a power accessibility price of only 35%, Gambia introduced a Renewable Energy Act to promote clean power in 2013.

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