FTC Solar Launches New 1P Solar Tracking System

Sep 20, 2022 10:56 AM ET
  • The unique style of Pioneer can reduce a structure that considerably reduces capital expenditure.
  • Maybe set up fast as well as its zero-degree stow allows for much shorter pile embedment deepness, with resulting product and also work cost financial savings.

Texas-based FTC Solar, that provides solar tracker systems, software program, and engineering solutions, has announced that it has actually presented a new and separated, one module in portrait (1P) Solar Tracker Solution called 'Pioneer.'.

Nagendra Cherukupalli, Chief Technology Officer, FTC Solar, said, "Pioneer attains a full 18 to 36 per cent pile count decrease per megawatt vs. the existing industry-leading solutions by volume enabling clients to benefit from reduced labor and materials prices. And also with a high-density design, Pioneer makes it possible for approximately 5 per cent higher energy output for the very same site compared to the competitors, amongst various other advantages.".

FTC Solar stated that it's new 1P Solar Tracker Solution's unique style can reduce structures that dramatically reduces capital expenditure. Shorter row size makes it possible for more than 5 per cent higher energy output for a provided parcel of land. It could be constructed quick and also its zero-degree stow permits shorter pile embedment deepness, with resulting product and also work expense savings. It additionally has high incline resistance that consists of 17.5 per cent north-south tracker row allowance.

FTC Solar likewise mentioned in its official declaration that Pioneer sustains all module elements, offering customers with raised flexibility when developing tasks. It will additionally operate separately from the grid throughout failures and also is self-powered with a high-energy battery for approximately 3-days overall back-up.

According to FTC Solar, Pioneer has actually gone through strenuous wind tunnel screening by an independent engineering company RWDI to assure architectural and torsional security in wind conditions approximately 120mph. In addition, Pioneer's distinctive torque tube form enables longer periods, improved torsional rigidness, and also positive alignment of components without the requirement for torque tube infiltrations.

New Order For 500 MW Capacity.

FTC Solar has additionally said that it has actually been selected by Primoris Renewable Energy (Primoris) in a multi-year contract to provide at the very least 500 MW of its solar tracker technology for multiple project sites in America. Primoris is will certainly make use of Pioneer 1P tracker technology on multiple projects to enhance efficiency. FTC Solar is a global player that maintains sales and also support visibility between East, Asia, Europe, Australia, India as well as Africa.

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