French Firm Newheat Raises EUR7 M for Renewable Heat Development

Dec 3, 2021 02:59 PM ET
  • Under this fundraising, Bpifrance bank is investing via its FIEE fund devoted to energy and setting, along with Newheat's main initial investors Noria and Etchart.
  • Newheat uses decarbonization solutions for large thermal energy customers by combining solar thermal technology, waste heat recovery, short- and also long-lasting thermal storage space as well as heat pumps.

French renewable heat distributor Newheat has actually announced the conclusion of a EUR7 million fundraising to sustain its growth of renewable heat in France and also worldwide.

Under this fundraising, Bpifrance bank is investing via its FIEE fund devoted to energy as well as environment, together with Newheat's primary initial shareholders Noria as well as Etchart.

Newheat provides decarbonization services for large thermal energy customers, such as suppliers, communities as well as large greenhouse installations, by combining solar thermal technology, waste heat recovery, short- as well as lasting thermal storage and also heat pumps.

As a result of its R&D effort, the Bordeaux-based firm has two times been a victor of the "I-nov" Innovation Competition funded by the Investments for the Future programme (PIA).

Newheat has 6 solar heat plants in operation and also unfinished in the French market. Of the 6 solar heat plants of over 1000 sq m, four have been developed and also are operated by Newheat (2 on area home heating networks and also 2 on commercial sites), as well as the construction of 2 more plants is because of begin in the coming months, giving the firm a total 40 MW of mounted ability.

In a very first fundraising in 2017, the firm raised EUR 1.8 million to increase its growth, finance its very first solar thermal plants as well as better its R&D work; in 2020, it protected EUR 15 million in funding to complete 5 heat manufacturing plants.

Newheat plans to utilise the EUR7 million euro raised to attain the following:

  • Pursue its employment, R&D and also sales implementation tasks.
  • Confirm its placement as an integrated company of a "turnkey" heat manufacturing service for its customers, by having the equity necessary to remain the majority proprietor of its jobs. Newheat develops, layouts, funds, builds and also operates its plants to give customers with straight competitive renewable heat, in return for a 15- to 25-year commitment to purchase.
  • Confirm its international passions complying with the signing of a very first task abroad, in Croatia. Decarbomalt Croatia, which will certainly avoid 4,000 tonnes of CO2 discharges a year, was selected by the EU Innovation Fund which has especially demanding award standards.

Hugues Defréville, chief executive officer and founder of Newheat, claimed, "We are really delighted with this fundraising," adding, "Decarbonizing the heat industry, whether for industry or district heating networks, is among the major difficulties in the battle versus global warming in which France as well as Europe are currently far behind schedule."

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