Flying Non-Stop: Solar Airship One's Epic World Tour

Oct 2, 2023 01:52 PM ET
  • Experience a non-stop world tour with Solar Airship One! This whale-shaped aircraft harnesses the power of solar and hydrogen to fly 25 countries over 20 days with zero CO2 emissions. Follow a team of astronauts and paraplegic pilots on this revolutionary journey.
Flying Non-Stop: Solar Airship One's Epic World Tour

Euro Airship has announced the launch of its Solar Airship One, a non-stop world tour flight with no fossil fuels and zero CO2 emissions. This whale-shaped aircraft is set to fly over 25 countries for 20 days without stopping, using solar power and hydrogen. It will be powered by 4,800 square meters of solar film and a fuel cell powered by hydrogen. The team of three pilots, including a former astronaut and a paraplegic pilot, will be accompanied by a rotating platform on a sheet of water for stops. The airship will have 15 gas envelopes, a double-envelope to stabilize external pressures and regulate internal temperatures, and an automatic de-icing system. Construction of the Solar Airship One will begin in 2024 with the flight taking place two years later.

What are the Details of Euro Airship's Solar Airship One?

Details of Euro Airship's Solar Airship One:

  • Solar Airship One is the world’s first solar-powered airship, designed and developed by Euro Airship.
  • It has a unique design, with its main body made up of a Kevlar-reinforced inflatable carbon-fiber balloon, and a solar array mounted on its top.
  • The solar array consists of three solar panels, which are connected to a series of batteries and a power unit.
  • The airship is powered by a brushless electric motor, which is connected to the solar array for clean energy.
  • The airship also has a built-in navigation system which uses GPS tracking to ensure safe navigation.
  • The airship is designed to fly autonomously, and can carry up to three passengers and their luggage.
  • The airship has been designed to be used for both recreational and commercial purposes, and can be used for surveillance, search and rescue operations, and even aerial photography.
  • The airship is equipped with the latest liquid-based encapsulation platform to protect its cargo from water.
  • The airship also has a smart monitoring system that tracks weather conditions and other factors that may affect its performance.

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