Fluence, Siemens supply Baltic battery pilot

Apr 7, 2021 11:15 AM ET
  • Lithuania TSO will utilize 1MW system to inject or absorb actual as well as responsive power in online transmission line idea
Fluence, Siemens supply Baltic battery pilot
Image: Fluence

Fluence and also Siemens are associated with a pilot project to deliver the initial energy storage space system connected to the transmission system in the Baltics.

The pilot with Litgrid, Lithuania's transmission system driver (TSO), will deploy a 1MW battery at an area near Vilnius developed to function as a "proof-of-concept" for a lot larger planned projects in Lithuania.

Energy storage space implementations will assist the country "go after a simultaneous affiliation with the Continental Europe electrical grid and also a shift to tidy energy".

Enhancing quantities of renewable resource need extra power flow capacity on essential transmission lines at specific factors on the grid.

With "virtual transmission lines", energy storage is put along a transmission line and operated to infuse or take in actual and also reactive power, mimicking transmission line moves.

Storage released by doing this can also supply numerous other crucial network solutions, consisting of grid-forming capabilities, virtual inertia for neighborhood grid security, black begin capacity, power oscillation damping and also voltage control mode.

These capacities are an important step towards the next degree of grid defense and resiliency, making it possible for making use of energy storage systems to reduce different sorts of possible occasions impacting grid dependability and security, stated Fluence.

Fluence Chief Executive Officer Manuel Perez Dubuc claimed: "VTL is just one of one of the most interesting applications for battery energy storage space. We're proud to collaborate with a forward-thinking TSO like Litgrid and our partner Siemens to show the benefits of storage as a transmission property."

He included: "With more than 13 years of experience establishing grid-scale energy storage space innovation, competitive market and pioneering brand-new applications, Fluence has the innovation as well as knowledge to aid Litgrid provide safe, reputable, durable energy storage systems that sustain Lithuania's energy shift."

Lithuania has strategies to pursue energy self-reliance as it integrates synchronously with the Continental European Concurrent Area in 2025 and also to enhance its use renewable electricity from 20% to 45% in 2030, rising to almost 100% by 2050.

Safeguarding the stable operations of Lithuania's power system throughout this energy shift needs additional technology as well as advancement demonstration, which is why Litgrid is proactively testing energy storage to secure the grid and guarantee resiliency, Fluence stated.

The pilot project with Fluence is Lithuania's very first grid-scale battery-based energy storage system and will certainly be amongst the initial VTL projects in Europe to be checked.

Besides traditional regularity control books services from battery storage, Litgrid is also testing non-frequency performances such as those listed above, with the objective of demonstrating to market participants how straightforward battery energy storage space application is and the problems required to open battery storage space's complete potential to supply supplementary solutions.