Finnish Company Wärtsilä Commissions Netherland's Largest Energy Storage System

Oct 11, 2022 11:19 AM ET
  • The energy storage center is called the GIGA Buffalo battery and also has a capacity of 24MW/48MWh of energy storage system.
  • It gives the Netherlands' energy service provider Eneco with the energy capacity essential to alleviate intermittency from renewables and regulate energy frequency.

The modern technology team headquartered in Finland, Wärtsilä has said that it has commissioned of its first energy storage project in the Netherlands, which is the country's biggest system to date. Rob Jetten, Minister for Climate and Energy, as well as Ruud Nijs, CEO of GIGA Storage BV, joined Wärtsilä in the ribbon reducing event of the project. The energy storage facility is called the GIGA Buffalo battery having a capacity of 24MW/48MWh of energy storage system containing Wärtsilä's Gridsolv Quantum and GEMS Digital Energy Platform.

The official declaration of Wärtsilä held that GIGA Buffalo battery is co-located with wind and also solar assets at the Wageningen University & Research test centre in Lelystad. It gives the Netherlands' energy company Eneco with the energy capacity needed to alleviate intermittency from renewables and also regulate energy frequency while adding reliability to the grid.

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Wärtsilä pointed out that the energy storage also boosts revenues by optimising the value of the sustainable assets as well as supplying capacity that can be dispatched throughout peak need.

Ruud Nijs, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, GIGA Storage BV, claimed, "We delight in to see this landmark project full building as well as come online. Battery storage is critical for the stabilisation of the nation's electrical grid and also important for reaching our clean energy objectives."

" We celebrate another effective energy storage release worldwide, and also our first below in the Netherlands. Congratulations to the Netherlands on this victory in their transition towards a net-zero future," claimed Jens Norrgård, Director, Europe, Wärtsilä Energy.

The system consists of GridSolv Quantum of Wärtsilä which is an incorporated, modular and also compact storage system. Wärtsilä's wise energy monitoring system, GEMS Digital Energy Platform, makes use of artificial intelligence and also historic as well as real-time information analytics to optimize the complete system. It is optimised with Wärtsilä's Service+ GAP option, which gives system maintenance with performance assurances.

The Dutch Ambitions

The Dutch federal government has established an objective to lower greenhouse gas discharges by 49 percent by 2030 and also a 95 percent decrease by 2050. Recent reports indicate that the Netherlands will certainly need between 29 and 54-gigawatts (GW) of energy storage capacity by 2050 to support the boost in renewable energy generation and also ensure reliability as the country meets its decarbonisation objectives.

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