Exceeding Simulations, PV Plant In Kazakhstan Defies Weather extremes

Sep 9, 2020 12:58 PM ET
  • Kazakhstan obtains 2200-- 3000 sunlight hrs yearly, bringing terrific potential for PV advancement.

A 50 MW PV plant, backed by the Risen Energy as the programmer is in the spotlight amongst 37 PV plants presently in Kazakhstan, thanks to its superior efficiency. Found in Chulakkurgan, Turkistan a desert setting with temperature level extremes of a lowest of-- 27 ° C as well as the greatest is 42 ° C. The PV plant located right here has actually delivered a performance proportion (PR) dimension result of 80.39% in July, 3.8% more than the substitute value. Taking into consideration the extreme environment, the power return has easily gone beyond layout as well as return on investment (ROI) assumptions, according to onsite examinations carried out according to IEC 61724: Photovoltaic System Performance Monitoring. The test outcomes are as adheres to:

The Simulation ...

As revealed, the all-time highest actual PR was 82.44%, and also the 7-day heavy standard was 80.39%. According to the PV system report submitted to the manager for evaluation, the simulated PR for July was 76.6%, making the actual PR 3.8% higher than simulated.

The project has been constructed making use of Risen Energy's 330 W polycrystalline PV modules, Huawei SUN2000-185KTL string inverters, and also Arctech Solar Skyline 1V84 trackers.

According to a Huawei speaker, the Huawei inverter's multi-MPPT feature can aid minimize the impact of PV string inequality throughout dirty and also gloomy climate. A 3.5 MW PV range sustains 170 MPPT courses to make sure that each PV string operates at its optimum, which subsequently brings higher energy returns. Not only this, yet Huawei SUN2000 series string inverters tolerance for a wide temperature level range made it a great pick for this project. The company claims that they can run stably in the temperature range of-- 40 ° C to 60 ° C, with the availability reaching over 99.996%. High part selection requirements as well as copyrighted heat dissipation technologies make sure the dependability of all parts, also in challenging or severe atmospheres.

Besides that, Huawei string inverters make use of low power consumption control technology, power supply technology with a large input voltage range, and also power component shutdown peak suppression technology. This allows support for an operating voltage array as vast as 500-- 1500 V.A lower operating voltage reduced limitation allows inverters to start early and closed down late each day, permitting more power generation.

Jeff Lv, Technical Director at Risen Energy, got on site directly for evaluation and also research study. The firm asserts that the Risen group contrasted over 100 system layout options with automatic setup and loss formulas, as well as analyzed the expense and advantage level of sensitivity to select the last cost framework of each project.

According to data from the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, in the initial quarter of 2020, the country produced 548.4 million kWh of electrical energy using renewable energy, 35.7% of it produced from PV. The success of PV plants like the Chulakkurgan 50 MW project could be just the inspiration the country needs to increase its renewable energy passions

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