Europe needs over USD 32trn of net-zero investment by 2050, states BNEF

May 15, 2023 04:09 PM ET
  • Europe needs to invest greater than USD 32 trillion (EUR 29trn) in power as well as associated innovations in between currently as well as 2050 to change to a net-zero economic situation, according to a new report by BloombergNEF (BNEF).
Europe needs over USD 32trn of net-zero investment by 2050, states BNEF

In 2022, the area's financial investment in low-carbon power shift was USD 227 billion. To achieve the report's Net Zero Scenario, Europe has to raise its yearly investments in tidy energy supply, electric vehicles (EVs), heatpump as well as sustainable products to greater than three times this level throughout the remainder of the decade and more than 4 times in the 2030s.

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According to BNEF's New Energy Outlook: Europe report that was released today, more than two-thirds of the called for investment is on the demand side, with EVs accounting for the largest solitary portion-- USD 21 trillion over 2022-2050, and also heatpump for another USD 1.4 trillion.

By 2050, Europe ought to likewise invest around USD 3.8 trillion on developing an increased and also digitalised grid that sustains the combination of more renewables, EVs as well as heatpump.

A similar quantity, greater than USD 3.8 trillion, is purchased new tidy power possessions by 2050 under the Net Zero Scenario, a large part of which before 2030.

In that scenario, onshore as well as offshore wind capacity expands to 675 GW by 2030, up from 234 GW in 2022, while solar expands to 774 GW from 226 GW. Together both technologies offer 83% of generation by 2050, according to the research. BNEF approximates that in the medium term, the most inexpensive back-up capacity mix will come from batteries, gas plants with carbon capture and also storage space (CCS) as well as new nuclear plants. In the longer term, the expert firm sees a duty for gas plants sustained with environment-friendly hydrogen.

The Net Zero Scenario additionally projects a fast ramp-up of CCS capacity in the power industry and markets and a later development of hydrogen in hard-to-electrify applications. By 2050, Europe is seen to spend greater than USD 904 billion right into hydrogen and also CCS framework.



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