8 Ways To Run A More Environmentally-Friendly Household

May 27, 2022 02:41 PM ET

Wondering how to run a more environmentally friendly household? Here are some good tips.

1. Skip Using A Dryer Whenever Feasible

During the sunny warmer months of the year, you can significantly reduce your household's carbon footprint by opting to line dry your laundry. From your favorite clothes to your bedding, avoiding excessive dryer use doesn't just prolong the life of textiles, but they help you save money. Not everyone has an outdoor space where they can hang a clothesline, and if that's the case for you, use an area of your home that faces a large window you can open, or simply use your patio or deck space for drying clothes.

2. Opt To DIY Instead Of Buying New Products

Whenever possible, opt to DIY household products or repair older pieces instead of purchasing new ones. A DIY lifestyle is manageable quite easily thanks to the vast number of available resources that you can look to for help and tutorials on virtually any DIY project!

3. Get LED Bulbs Over Incandescent Bulbs

If you still have some incandescent bulbs in your home, make the switch to LED lightbulbs. You will increase the energy efficiency of your household while also cutting down on your energy costs. LED bulbs are always the better option, even when incandescent bulbs are tempting! They are eco-friendly as they last a long time and allow your household to quickly save money.

4. Install A Programmable Thermostat

One of the greatest energy wasters in any household is the lack of a programmable thermostat or one that doesn't allow remote monitoring. Not having complete control over your HVAC system can make your household needlessly waste energy and rack up utility costs, see here for plans to help you keep your home running efficiently. The ideal alternative is simply installing a programmable thermostat with an app you can use for monitoring.

5. Invest In A Recycling And Compost Bin

Recycling can help the environment and make your home more eco-conscious. When you have a proper bin for recyclables, you're twice as likely to properly sort out paper, glass, and metal products.

A compost bin can help you use your leftover foodstuffs responsibly while creating natural fertilizer for your plants and shrubs. Fortunately, modern compost bins are odor-free and no longer as messy as they once were!

6. Start An Herb Garden

Even if you live in the city, a compost bin can offer fertilizer for a small herb garden. Though herbs do well outdoors, they are also perfect for city container gardeners indoors! These plants are small, delicious, and highly cost-effective to grow. All you need are small pots and a sunny windowsill.

7. Add Natural Plants To Your Interior Design

One of the best and most natural ways to ensure you have fresh indoor air in your home is to decorate with potted plants. Plants look fantastic against any backdrop, and though you need to have a bit of a green thumb, the options for design are endless!

8. Invest In Window Treatments

Though many opt for a modern look without window treatments, installing them can not only ensure that nosy neighbors keep to themselves, but they can eliminate the need to excessively rely on your heating and cooling system. If your home doesn't have any natural shade, it can feel like a baking oven in the dead of the summer heat wave. Having quality curtains and blinds can help you moderate indoor temperatures while allowing your home to use less energy for heating and cooling.


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