Enphase IQ8 microinverter system currently UL 1741-certified

May 24, 2022 11:22 AM ET
  • Enphase Energy announced that the Enphase IQ8 microinverter system is currently certified to UL 1741, third edition consisting of the Supplement SB.
Enphase IQ8 microinverter system currently UL 1741-certified
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This certification meets the new North American security and grid interconnection criteria for linking solar inverters, energy storage systems and distributed energy resources to the grid in compliance with IEEE 1547-2018 and IEEE 1547-1 2020.

This new UL requirement is made use of by testing firms to demonstrate an item's compliance with the IEEE requirements. Enphase was proactively involved in the development of the UL as well as IEEE requirements and took part as a participant of the boards that produced the rules. The new requirements present needs for a number of sophisticated interconnection functions that will certainly enable the grid to accommodate a lot higher levels of eco-friendly DERs. One substantial new capability, known as "interoperability," standardizes the way in which utilities can interact with and also control DERs like solar and battery systems. Interoperability supplies an important mechanism for DERs to be updated successfully and cost successfully to much better accommodate ever-evolving conditions on the grid.

" Enphase is pleased that our industry-leading IQ8 Microinverter system is the first item in North America to receive this crucial certification from UL," said Raghu Belur, co-founder and primary item officer at Enphase Energy. "Our close partnership with UL has actually permitted us to rapidly reach compliance with all relevant The United States and Canada safety criteria. We chose UL as our international certification companion and our close working relationship with them has been vital in this initiative. We anticipate additional collaboration with UL to increase our cutting-edge item offerings and help transform the grid."

Enphase's IQ8 Microinverters, coupled with the IQ Combiner 4/4C and also IQ Gateway, produce the very first total household DER system certified by UL.

" We go to the beginning of a new era in which dispersed energy resources, such as solar PV and also battery systems, will end up being a foundational aspect of the way we think about electrical power for our homes, buildings, and also devices for utility use," said Jeff Smidt, senior VP of industrial testing, inspection and certification at UL. "With the Enphase IQ8 Microinverter as the very first dispersed energy resources product certified by UL to UL 1741, third edition with the SB Supplement, Enphase has actually taken a substantial step in helping breakthrough the security as well as protection of reliable, clean as well as smart energy available in the home or on the grid."

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