Enhanced Capital finances solar projects with capacity of 10.25MW

Jan 9, 2020 04:12 PM ET
  • Enhanced Capital in cooperation with GSPP has funded 10.25-megawatt solar power projects.
Enhanced Capital finances solar projects with capacity of 10.25MW
Image: saurenergy.com

The New York-based investor has allocated $10.2mn in eleven commercial and community solar power projects with a total capacity of 10.25 megawatts, direct current. Electricity will be accessible to multiple residential, industrial, and commercial consumers. The facilities are predicted to supply 12.9 gigawatt hours of green power during the 1st year of operation. This will provide CO2 emission reduction, which is equal to eliminating about two thousand vehicles from the roads. 

Green Street Power is a U.S.’s nationally-recognised operator, owner and developer of commercial solar power projects. It is mainly focused on PV plants for municipal, non-profit, school and business use. The developer has more than 85 megawatts of solar capacity under construction and management. 

Not long ago, another American solar developer Nexamp won a tender for building 3 photovoltaic plants with a total capacity exceeding 11 megawatts. All the three sites will be located in the state of New Jersey. One of the systems will be a rooftop plant installed in the township of South Brunswick and have a capacity of 1.24 megawatts. The other two are 5-megawatt solar parks located on a former Woodbine municipal landfill.

Nexamp’s projects are being developed under community-solar pilot program of NJ. The new facilities are meant to support the state’s ambition to produce fully renewable power in thirty years. At the same time, they will provide the local population with considerable economy on electrical bills. 

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