Energetica starts production at the huge factory in Austria

Nov 12, 2019 06:27 PM ET
  • The PV technology company has begun making photovoltaic modules at its facility located in Liebenfels.
Energetica starts production at the huge factory in Austria
Image: Energetica Photovoltaic Industries

Due to German solar market’s sad state in 2018, the summer statement by Austrian company of its forthcoming major project in Liebenfels was quite surprising. 

The manufacturer claimed yearly production capacity would reach 1 gigawatt by Q3 of 2019. In spite of some delay, the expected number has almost been reached. Two months ago, high-efficient modules appeared on conveyor belts of the automated factories, the company stated last Friday. During summer 2019, machines were constructed on the over 60,000 square meter area in the state of Carinthia. 

About 100 people are involved in manufacturing of different modules on the construction site. 


When starting full-capacity operation, the plant is predicted to produce no emission, because it is going to be powered from a 2.7 megawatt rooftop solar generator. As well, it will be equipped with battery storage. Besides, the facility will utilize the heat produced by a neighboring biomass heating system. 

The Austrian firm is going to continue improving the photovoltaics it manufactures at a research and development facility located at the production site. 

The solar supplier’s know-hows include petal-shaped Smartflowers. Photovoltaic components for the latter are expected to be made in Liebenfels.

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