Enefit Green takes FID on 74-MW solar project in Estonia

May 26, 2023 10:09 AM ET
  • Renewable resource manufacturer Enefit Green AS (TAL: EGR1T) revealed today it has actually taken the last financial investment decision (FID) on the 74-MW Sopi solar project at home in Estonia, with strategies to commission the facility in 2025.
Enefit Green takes FID on 74-MW solar project in Estonia

Enefit Green said it will certainly be making a mixed investment of almost EUR 350 million (USD 375.4 m) in this project as well as the nearby Sopi-Tootsi wind farm of 255 MW. The sum to be bought the solar project alone totals up to EUR 44 million.

Upon completion of the entire complex, the Sopi-Tootsi parks will certainly be creating 754 GWh per year. The firm is presently wrapping up a contract for the sale of a portion of the solar output.

The Sopi solar project is part of the firm's near-term project pipe whereby it hopes to quadruple its installed power generation capacity to 1,900 MW by the end of 2026. As of end-2022, Enefit Green had 457 MW of power plants in operation in addition to 81 MW of total mounted warm production capacity.

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