Endesa structure 71.5 MW of solar farms at former coal mine in Spain

Oct 14, 2022 09:26 PM ET
  • Spanish utility Endesa SA (BME: ELE) has actually begun construction of a pair of solar farms with 71.5 MW of combined capacity in an area where it as soon as operated an open pit coal mine around Castile-La Mancha, central Spain.
Endesa structure 71.5 MW of solar farms at former coal mine in Spain
Image: Endesa

Through its renewables division Enel Eco-friendly Power Espana (EGPE), the firm will construct the Estrella Solar plant on the land of the old Emma mine and the Encina al Sol solar farm in the vicinity. The solar farms will certainly have 35.75 MW each.

The utility will invest EUR 40 million (USD 38.9 m) in the two projects, it stated.

Estrella Solar and Encina al Sol will be equipped with 128,000 bifacial modules in total. As soon as in operation, the pair will create 140.85 GWh of power annually, Endesa said.

The firm entirely brought back the land at Emma given that ending coal removal in late 2015. The old mining site will certainly additionally hold EGPE's 117-MW Rocinante solar park project, which is presently in the allowing stage, the group added.

Estrella Solar, Encina al Sol and Rocinante are all part of a renewables portfolio that EGPE is offering the Castile-La Mancha area. In it are five solar and also three wind power projects completing 497 MW that will start procedures by the end of 2022.

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