EnBW launches German solar as well as battery project

Mar 20, 2023 06:36 PM ET
  • The farm has begun operations, providing over 5MW to the regional grid
EnBW launches German solar as well as battery project
Image: EnBW]

EnBW has actually begun procedures at an open-field solar farm with linked battery storage space system in the community of Brandscheid in Germany.

The 7.6 MWp project makes use of 17,160 solar modules and also can supply around 8m kWh of electrical energy annually.

The solar park's feed-in capacity right into the local circulation grid is limited to 5.5 MW. A 2.7 MW battery storage space system ensures that any kind of excess energy created can still be made use of.

While the park is currently generating electrical power, EnBW strategies to seed the area beneath the modules to create comprehensive grassland. In addition, the company will grow various trees as well as shrubs and saplings on and also around the site.

"The battery storage space system just makes use of the in your area created PV electricity and also feeds it into the grid as needed. On top of that, the battery storage system makes it feasible to feed all of the in your area produced energy into the grid despite the smaller sized grid connection," claimed Tobias Wirsching, Manager Battery System Solutions at EnBW.



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