Empower Buckeyes the Sun: 7.6MW Solar Install in Ohio

Jul 3, 2023 02:13 PM ET
  • Empower Energies Inc. has completed a 7.6MW solar installation across a commercial office park in Columbus, OH, expected to generate 9 million kWh in its first year. The customer is a Fortune 100 and Empower has installed 32.7MW of solar projects and over 1GW of solar/storage projects nationwide.
Empower Buckeyes the Sun: 7.6MW Solar Install in Ohio

Empower Energies Inc has completed construction of a 7.6-MW solar installation at a major commercial office park in Columbus, Ohio. The project involved the installation of a large solar canopy across parking lots and rooftop solar systems on four- and five-story buildings, which are expected to generate 9 million kWh in the first year of operation. The customer is one of the Fortune 100, with Empower having already completed 32.7 MW of solar projects for them across the US. Empower's current portfolio includes over 1 GW of solar and storage projects, with the firm having already installed 200 MW of clean energy projects nationwide.

What Impacts Does Empower Energies Inc's Solar Installation Have?

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: The completion of the 7.6-MW solar installation will reduce the customer's carbon footprint by up to 8,500 tons of CO2 emissions each year. This is equivalent to over 1.7 million vehicle miles not driven, or more than 170,000 trees planted.
  • Cost Savings: The customer is expected to save over $6.2 million in energy costs over the first 15 years of the project's life. The long-term cost savings will help the customer remain competitive in the global market.
  • Job Creation: The project created about 100 jobs during construction, providing employment opportunities to local residents.
  • Increased Competitiveness: The customer's increased access to clean energy has the potential to attract more investors, as well as increase their competitiveness in the global market.
  • Improved Reliability: The solar installation provides the customer with more reliable energy, reducing their dependence on the local grid and making them more resilient in case of power outages.

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