Emergent Solar Energy includes 65-kW solar microgrid to Indiana farm

Dec 16, 2021 03:24 PM ET
  • A recently finished solar microgrid system near Greensburg, Indiana, is expected to produce sufficient clean power to offset almost 4,000 tons of co2 over its life time.
Emergent Solar Energy includes 65-kW solar microgrid to Indiana farm
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Emergent Solar Energy, located in the Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette, produced the system for the Corya System PCF crop manufacturing center. It consists of a 65-kW bifacial ground-mount solar array plus 30 kWh of energy storage space with a gas as well as gas back-up generator. It also consists of billing terminals for electrical cars that will replace the farm's gas-powered vehicles gradually and also further usage clean energy production for their operation.

Jeremy Lipinski, managing partner at Emergent Solar Energy, said it is the firm's first layout with numerous sources of power generation and also power storage space.

" This microgrid solution uses solar energy plus energy storage space along with being attached to the REMC, or Rural Electric Membership Corp., utility grid," Lipinski claimed. "It enhances the farm's power use the lowest-cost source of energy at any moment, thus lowering the energy prices and repairing a raising input."

This is the initial enhancement to the Corya System renewable resource portfolio. Adding solar energy with power storage was the initial step in the firm's long-lasting vision of lowering its carbon impact as well as making use of clean power to power its procedure. P. David Corya, general supervisor of the Corya System, determined to implement solar energy choices for a number of economic and sustainability factors.

" From a sustainability point of view, we are devoted to stewardship practices that shield air, dirt, water as well as wildlife. We make use of the very best offered modern technology to manage our properties as well as utilize management methods that secure as well as conserve natural deposits for the benefit of future generations," Corya said.

Lipinski said the application of on-farm solar plus power storage space makes sense when renewable resource can be sent off to offset the highest-cost demand as well as bill the battery bank at the most affordable cost.

" We go to the oblique point of commercial power storage right here in Indiana, and as utility prices remain to raise, solar plus storage will only end up being more of a practical solution for energy freedom," Lipinski claimed. "This project allows the Corya System to minimize the amount of energy it requires to buy from the utility and decreases its exposure to increasing energy prices while it remains to incorporate clean energy in their facilities."

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