EDP To Add Battery Storage To Floating Hydro-Solar Plant In Portugal

Jul 22, 2022 01:20 PM ET
  • EDP has actually decided to make an enhancement of a 1MW battery power storage system.
  • The business claims that on the completion of the power storage center, all 3 innovations will be attached to a single grid link point.
EDP To Add Battery Storage To Floating Hydro-Solar Plant In Portugal
Image: saurenergy.com

Hybrid renewable resource projects get on the surge everywhere and in the most recent addition to this expansion is the mix of a hydropower as well as floating solar energy in Portugal. The Portuguese utility company Energias de Portugal (EDP), which has developed the hybrid project, has actually announced that it will add a power storage system to the existing RE system.

The hybridization was done just recently with a 5 MW of floating solar panels' array at a hydropower dam in Alqueva. It is spread out to near to 4 hectares of land which occupies less than 1 percent of the dam location. EDP expects a power manufacturing of 7.5 GWh annually.

EDP notifies that the overall investment in the project had to do with EUR6 million. However, it has now set its sights on making an enhancement of 1 MW battery energy storage system.

EDP states that on the completion of the energy storage center, all 3 modern technologies will certainly be attached to a single grid link point. This will certainly promote asset optimisation and effectiveness while reducing environmental impact, it additionally noted.

Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade, Chief Executive Officer, EDP, said that the project is an "example of development and sustainability." He additionally classified the floating solar facility a "landmark leap" in the development of renewables.

He stated, "The bank on hybridisation, by combining power generated from water, sun, wind and storage, is a rational course of growth in which EDP will certainly remain to invest-- it allows us to generate less costly energy, optimises sources and with marginal environmental impact."

The Floating Array

EDP informed that the floating system is about 15 percent lighter as a result of make modifications that reduce the carbon footprint of the project by 30 per cent. The solar array floats are composed from recycled plastic as well as cork products. This was the very first such trial for a floating solar system. EDP held that its new 5MW floating solar project has brought about financial investment velocity in floating solar. The firm additionally expects even more financial investments as well as openings in this sector.

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