EDP Inaugurates 3.8-MWp Solar Park in Brazil

Dec 8, 2023 02:41 PM ET
  • EDP Brasil has opened a 3.8-MWp solar complex in Sao Paulo, providing electricity to 3,400 households. Part of EDP's solar energy focus in Brazil, the project marks the start of their 2026 goal to install 530 MWp of DG capacity.
EDP Inaugurates 3.8-MWp Solar Park in Brazil

EDP Brasil has cut the ribbon on its 3.8-MWp solar complex in Tremembe, Sao Paulo state. The project, which includes three 1.27 MWp solar plants, cost BRL 19.1 million (USD 3.9m/EUR 3.6m). It features 5,832 bifacial solar panels spread across an area of 10 hectares, capable of generating enough electricity to power around 3,400 households. As part of EDP's solar energy growth strategy in Brazil, the company has set a goal of having 530 MWp of DG capacity installed by 2026, with an investment of BRL 2.3 billion. The project currently has 87 DG solar farms, 48 of which are already in operation.

What Is the Impact of EDP's Solar Complex in Tremembe?

  • The EDP Solar Complex in Tremembe is expected to generate enough energy to power up to 20,000 homes in the area.
  • It is estimated that the solar complex will produce an average of 44.7 megawatts of electricity each year.
  • The solar complex will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuel energy sources.
  • The solar complex will create jobs in the region, including jobs related to the construction, maintenance, and operation of the facility.
  • The installation of the solar complex will lead to improved energy efficiency and increased energy security in the region.
  • It is anticipated that the solar complex will have a positive economic impact on the local economy, as it will increase investment and tourism in the area.
  • The solar complex will also help to reduce the risk of energy-related disasters in the region
  • The solar complex will provide an alternative source of energy to the area, which in turn will help reduce the reliance of the region on fossil fuels.

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