EDF Renewables, Wärtsilä plan 50MW UK storage center

Dec 7, 2022 12:30 PM ET
  • Lithium-ion battery project to form part of an Energy Superhub in Bedfordshire, England
EDF Renewables, Wärtsilä plan 50MW UK storage center
Image: EDF Renewables

EDF Renewables UK has actually authorized a contract with international modern technology company Wärtsilä for a new transmission-connected 50MW/100MWh battery storage facility in Sundon, Bedfordshire, England.

The project will certainly form part of a new Energy Superhub in the area, helping to sustain the transition to a decarbonised electricity system as well as increase the UK's net zero future.

The Lithium-ion battery storage center in Sundon can powering over 100,000 houses for two hours.

As the UK shifts towards a net zero power system, the battery will enable a lot more renewable resource assimilation-- keeping energy when supply is bountiful and also releasing it when need peaks-- and also increase the strength of the electrical power system.

Construction is expected to start in Spring 2023.

The battery will connect to the transmission network at National Grid's Sundon Substation.

EDF Renewables UK will certainly be just one of 3 consumers connecting to the substation as part of an new grid park idea introduced by National Grid to cost-effectively connect more renewables.

EDF Renewables UK will additionally create a private wire network to support EV charging and the decarbonisation of transport.

The personal wire will certainly share the battery link to the transmission network, utilizing it to deliver power to calculated areas in the town, offering multi-megawatt capacity for ultra-rapid charging of electric vehicles (EVs), from cars to HGVs.

The project will form part of EDF Renewables UK's nationwide rollout of Energy Superhubs, which will certainly deliver up to 2GW of transmission-connected battery storage and also high-volume power connections.

With transport and energy being the UK's two most contaminating markets, EDF Renewables' Energy Superhub design aims to cut emissions from both at the same time, scaling up renewable energy and clean transport to accelerate a net zero future.

Wärtsilä, the international modern technology business, has actually given its propriety GridSolv Quantum system as well as GEMS Digital Energy Platform, in addition to the power conversion system and commissioning for the project.

GEMS gives the data and insights to instruct trading celebrations and also performance for extensive possession administration.

The energy storage space innovation will certainly enable stabilizing solutions for the UK grid, consisting of electricity market trading as well as frequency action, with the capability to support neighborhood consumers such as EV charging stations during grid outages.

EDF Renewables UK as well as Wärtsilä have worked very closely together on numerous battery storage space projects in the UK, consisting of sites in Oxford, Birmingham, Coventry, and also Kemsley in Kent.

Matthew Boulton, director of storage space and private wire at EDF Renewables UK said: "A renewable energy future is just implemented with a smart, flexible energy grid.

" That is why we are dealing with neighborhood councils to accelerate the rollout of Energy Superhubs, helping to unleash the possibility of renewable energy as well as allow local people to reap the benefits of net zero through far better access to zero carbon transport.

" We understand the challenge ahead of us-- we require extra renewable resource and also energy storage space to back it up. Our battery storage space facility in Sundon marks a key milestone for the UK as we lay the structure for net zero."

Wärtsilä's energy business supervisor for Europe Jens Norrgård claimed: "This agreement reinforces Wärtsilä and also EDF Renewables' partnership, and also shows our joint commitment to sustaining the UK's decarbonisation efforts.

" Net zero power systems can unlock significant reductions in emissions and also price, and also the UK is pioneering this transition with world-leading renewable resource targets.

" Wärtsilä's energy storage innovation is a vital part of the mosaic of flexible capacity needed to balance renewable resource.

" Together with our various other projects, Sundon is delivering on our international ambition to produce clean power systems."

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