Ecuador raises capability in renewables tender to 500 MW

Jul 19, 2021 02:48 PM ET
  • The federal government of Ecuador has actually elevated the targeted capability in the 2021 renewable resource tender to 500 MW from 200 MW, the ministry of energy as well as non-renewable natural deposits announced on Sunday.
Ecuador raises capability in renewables tender to 500 MW
Image: Ministerio de EnergĂ­a y Recursos Naturales No Renovables

The tender procedure to award concessions for the building and construction as well as procedure of a variety of small hydro, wind, solar and also biomass power projects throughout the country is intended to be continuous and also due to settle in very early August 2021, according to the offered schedule.

Concessions for as much as 120 MW of hydroelectric stations, 30 MW of biomass-based power plants and also 50 MW of wind and also solar farms were being used in the so-called Bloque ERNC 200 MW global tender, until the ministry on Sunday added 300 MW even more to the wind as well as solar great deal.

No other details regarding the tender were launched.

The ministry of energy and also non-renewable natural resources has recognized specific websites across the nation where the hydro, wind as well as solar projects could be situated, as well as has established for some of them in-depth design, usefulness as well as pre-feasibility researches. According to the tender internet site, interested events can also participate with their very own projects.

Giving ins will certainly be granted to the most affordable bidders-- two decades for biomass-fired plants, 25 years for wind and also solar farms and thirty years for small hydropower plants. After the giving in period expires, the plants would certainly be turned over to the government.

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