DTE Energy Plans Largest Energy Storage Facility in Michigan

Jun 11, 2024 05:28 PM ET
  • DTE Energy's groundbreaking battery storage project at Trenton Channel Energy Centre will revolutionize clean energy in Michigan, powering 40,000 homes and reducing grid strain.

Detroit-based energy company DTE Energy plans to install a 220-MW/880-MWh battery energy storage system at the site of a former thermal power station in Michigan. The Trenton Channel Energy Centre will help reduce strain on the grid, address demand fluctuations, and support DTE's renewable power plants. The battery complex is set to become the largest standalone energy storage facility in the Great Lakes region and is expected to be commissioned in 2026.

The power stored by the BESS will be enough to supply nearly 40,000 homes. DTE Energy's CEO Jerry Norcia stated that the Trenton Channel Energy Center is a significant milestone in accelerating their clean energy journey. The company aims to have 15 GW of renewables in Michigan by 2042, along with 2.95 GW of energy storage assets, and has opened a solicitation for new standalone energy storage projects to meet local renewable energy requirements.

What are the key benefits of DTE Energy's upcoming battery energy storage system?

  • Reducing strain on the grid: The battery energy storage system will help balance supply and demand, reducing strain on the grid during peak times.
  • Addressing demand fluctuations: The BESS will be able to store excess energy during low demand periods and release it during high demand periods, helping to stabilize the grid.
  • Supporting renewable power plants: The energy storage system will support DTE Energy's renewable power plants by providing a reliable source of stored energy that can be used when renewable sources are not generating power.
  • Largest standalone energy storage facility in the Great Lakes region: The Trenton Channel Energy Centre will be a significant addition to the region's energy infrastructure, providing a large-scale storage solution for the area.
  • Commissioned in 2026: The upcoming battery energy storage system is expected to be operational by 2026, providing a timely solution to the region's energy storage needs.

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