Dominion seeks 1GW in Virginia

Apr 29, 2021 06:17 PM ET
  • US designer crazy about brand-new solar, onshore wind and also energy storage projects
Dominion seeks 1GW in Virginia
Image: Dominion

Dominion Energy is looking for proposals for 1GW of new solar and also onshore wind projects in Virginia.

The United States business issued the call as part of its drive to sustain Virginia's Clean Economy Act and attain its objective of getting to net-zero exhausts by 2050.

The business claims it will either buy or enter into power acquisition arrangements with the chosen projects, which need to be located in Virginia as well as have a generating ability greater than 3MW.

Dominion is already creating what it asserts is the largest offshore wind project in the United States off the coastline of Virginia as well as has a 5.2 GW profile of solar ranches in the state.

Plans for energy storage space projects over 10MW are also being looked for.

President of Dominion in Virginia Ed Baine said: "The propositions we're seeking today are another major advance.

" They will bring extra clean energy to our consumers, even more small-scale projects to our communities and also more clean energy jobs to our economy."