DNV crew monitors 104MW Chilean solar plant

Mar 28, 2022 10:28 AM ET
  • GreenPowerMonitor subsidiary's GPM SCADA management remedy being utilized at the Sol de los Andes project
DNV crew monitors 104MW Chilean solar plant
Image: DNV

DNV firm GreenPowerMonitor has been chosen to take care of, regulate and monitor Opdenergy's 104MW Sol de los Andes solar park in Chile.

Sol de los Andes is located 15km from Diego de Almagroin the Atacama area, as well as has actually an approximated generation of greater than 280 gigawatt hrs a year.

Opdenergy has actually relied upon GreenPowerMonitor as well as its regional GPM SCADA management service, which will certainly allow any tool in the plant to be independently managed, implement all types of commands and offer data on any type of parameter in real time.

GreenPowerMonitor chief executive Juan Carlos Arevalo stated: "The development of renewable energy installments is definitely a positive development for all-- particularly in Chile, where fossil fuels prevail in the energy mix, and also the near-perfect conditions for photovoltaics in the Atacama desert make banking on solar energy to attain decarbonisation an apparent selection; as an increasing number of green energy sources are integrated right into existing grids, systems need to be adapted to new-generation modern technologies and also fitted to the specific features of renewables to successfully take care of procedures.

"It is a benefit to proceed working with Opdenergy, with whom we have a long background of pioneering the energy transition.

DNV got GreenPowerMonitor in June 2016, with the goal of combining its experience in the wind industry with GreenPowerMonitor's PV asset monitoring and management solutions. Presently, GreenPowerMonitor is managing practically 4GW in Chile as well as greater than 50GW in between solar as well as wind in 90 nations.

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