Cypress Creek's Zier Project Powers Up Texas Solar Farm

May 7, 2024 08:04 PM ET
  • Cypress Creek Renewables' Zier project in Brackettville, Texas, combines a 208-MW solar farm with 80 MWh of battery storage, providing relief to ERCOT during peak demand.

Cypress Creek Renewables has completed the construction of its Zier hybrid power project in Brackettville, Texas, which includes a 208-MW solar farm and 80 MWh of battery energy storage capacity. The facility has reached commercial operation and the battery has already been used by the Texas grid operator ERCOT to relieve supply stress during peak demand times.

The Zier project is expected to generate significant tax revenue for Kinney County and the Bracket Independent School District. Cypress Creek, backed by Swedish investment group EQT AB, has a 6-GW pipeline throughout Texas with 24 projects in construction and development.

How will Cypress Creek Renewables' Zier project benefit Kinney County and Brackettville?

  • The Zier project will provide a significant source of tax revenue for Kinney County and the Brackett Independent School District, helping to support local infrastructure and services.
  • The construction and operation of the solar farm and battery energy storage facility will create job opportunities for residents of Kinney County and Brackettville, boosting the local economy.
  • The Zier project will contribute to Texas' renewable energy goals, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.
  • The battery energy storage capacity of the facility will help to stabilize the Texas grid during peak demand times, ensuring a reliable and resilient energy supply for residents and businesses in the region.
  • Cypress Creek Renewables' investment in the Zier project demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainable energy development and its partnership with local communities to create a cleaner and more prosperous future.

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