"Crowdfunded" Solar: Soltec Inks 5.6-MW Loan

Nov 13, 2023 12:22 PM ET
  • Soltec Power Holdings SA is setting a new industry standard with its 5.6MW solar photovoltaic plant in Murcia, Spain. Financing is made possible with a EUR 3.6 million loan from Triodos Bank and local community crowdfunding of EUR 550,000. Enjoy the fixed price of EUR 54 per MWh for 12 years, plus a 5% market price variation. Join Soltec in the renewable energy revolution with its ambitious 1,000MW portfolio goal by 2025.
"Crowdfunded" Solar: Soltec Inks 5.6-MW Loan

Soltec Power Holdings SA has signed a financing agreement with Triodos Bank to fund a 5.6MW solar photovoltaic plant in Murcia, Spain. The loan amount of EUR 3.6 million is being combined with EUR 550,000 crowdfunded from local communities. The fixed price of EUR 54 per MWh for the 12 year period will vary by 5% depending on the market price. Soltec Assets, the asset management division of Soltec, is currently operating 230MW of solar farms in Spain and Brazil and aims to reach a portfolio of 1,000MW by 2025.

What Is Soltec's Plan for 1,000MW of Solar Farms?

  • Soltec plans to fund the 1,000 MW of solar farms using a combination of bank loans, crowdfunded investments, and private equity.
  • The solar farms will be distributed throughout Spain, Brazil, and other countries in the region.
  • Soltec will use advanced solar technology to maximize the efficiency and productivity of its solar farms.
  • Soltec is committed to providing long-term contracts with fixed prices to ensure the stability of energy prices.
  • Soltec will work with local communities to ensure that the projects are sustainable and beneficial to the local economy.
  • Soltec will use its proprietary software to monitor and optimize the performance of each solar farm.

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