Croatia tenders 50 MW of solar

Aug 6, 2020 05:48 PM ET
  • The Croatian energy regulatory authority is seeking to assign 88 MW of renewable resource generation capacity. The tender becomes part of the country's plan to acquire 2.26 GW of renewables consisting of more than 1 GW of solar.
Croatia tenders 50 MW of solar
Image: IvanVuksa/Pixabay

Croatian electricity as well as gas regulatory authority Hrvatski Operator Tržišta Energije has actually released a tender for 88 MW of renewables capability.

The authority aims to assign 50 MW of solar ability, 15 MW of biogas, 14 MW of biomass and 9 MW of hydropower.

Solar projects ranging in scale from 50-500 kW are qualified to participate, with a maximum rate of EUR0.063/ kW for the solar energy generated. The cost cap for the other renewables innovations is EUR0.10/ kWh.

The procurement round becomes part of a tender program announced by the Croatian government in May. Via the scheme, Zagreb aims to designate 1,075 MW of solar capability as part of a total 2.26 GW of renewables projects.

The solar ability targeted is broken down as 625 MW of projects larger than 10 MW, 240 MW of 500 kW-10 MW centers as well as 210 MW of 50-500 kW plants. Effective projects will protect a feed-in rate costs which will cover up place market power prices.

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