CPS America cuts flagship commercial string inverter cost by 20%.

Mar 15, 2023 09:49 AM ET
  • CPS America announced at its 2023 Product Innovation Day that the CPS 250/275-kW three-phase string inverter obtained a 20% cost cut to start 2023. In a time of increasing costs, the CPS America team has actually applied innovative options to this flagship product to continue cost decreases as well as lower the rate without compromising on quality.
CPS America cuts flagship commercial string inverter cost by 20%.
Image: solarpowerworldonline.com

Almost 200 individuals gathered at the CPS America head office in Dallas, Texas, for the second-annual CPS America Product Innovation Day. Customers and also key partners signed up with the group to hear product news, join a durable Q&A session and trip the head office.

General supervisor Bryan Wagner kicked off Innovation Day showcasing the future of large-scale solar making use of string inverters which he really feels will displace the more traditional main inverter used on utility-scale plants in the U.S. today.

" The advantages of string usage are numerous. From optimizing power harvest to minimizing downtime influences to considerably boosted layout flexibility, string inverters in large-scale solar simply make sense," claimed Wagner. "And the CPS 250/275kW inverter is the perfect selection for solar plants from 2 MW to 2 GW. We are pleased we can aid forward-thinking solar installers and designers by offering this price cut on the CPS 250/275-kW inverter.".

The CPS America team also offered its growing 800-V lineup, with an extensive check out the benefits of 800-V systems. They discussed cost-per-watt decreases, reducing style intricacy with more power output per inverter, and overall greater life time energy returns via procedures.

" We are thrilled with our expanding USA group and also procedures and with our product lineup this year," continued Wagner. "These are the appropriate products for the existing solar market. And also we're excited at the instructions our R&D groups are headed to resolve solar plants of the future.".

The CPS 250/275-kW three-phase string inverter offers full power output up to 42 ° C, 12 MPPTs, 36 fused or 24 unfused inputs as well as is UL 1741-SB detailed.

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